There are a few things that you should consider and discuss with your designer when you make the choice to plan to build your new home.


You will find that the steeper the roof then the more it will cost in the majority of cases. Nowadays there are many houses that have a large high roof. This is usually due to the overall square footage of the property is relatively small and a large roof will make it look bigger. The larger the roof the more materials will be needed to complete it. These materials could include plywood and shingles. Also, due to the extra time needed to complete the roof the labour will also cost more.

Windows & Doors

These are crucial to the design of your home. There are a number of factors that can affect the overall cost of your home where windows and doors are concerned. The most obvious one is the size of the windows and whether they are windows that open or not. Another factor is the type of glass you are looking to use. You will find that the average home has between 12 and 15 windows. Windows that open will cost you more than a picture or fixed window. The type of materials used for the frame will also have an affect on the cost. Wooden windows will cost more than the usual vinyl windows. Door costs will vary depending on the type of door you use such as a double French exterior door would cost you more that the standard patio door that many homes have.

Height of Walls

In the home building industry of today many homes are built with a wall height that is approximately about an inch more than the traditional wall height. This is to give the impression of a larger space. Obviously higher walls that give you a higher ceiling will add to the cost of your home as there is a larger area to be built and prepared.


A full concrete foundation will be more costly than a crawlspace or slab foundation. However a full foundation will give your home better potential, if in the future, you decide to sell it.

Regardless of whether you are planning to add to your current home or build from your home from scratch it is advisable to always keep these points in mind.