Although we still have hand tools in use today they are basic and can mean a job takes a long time to complete. The technology is old and now out dated. Using power tools to perform the same tasks as a hand tool means that the job can be completed faster and with more efficiency. All of the cities around the world were constructed with the help of power tools.

The way we do our tasks in everyday life has been revolutionised by power tools. They allow us to complete more work with less user fatigue in comparison to hand tools. Due to power tools being able to complete jobs in half the time, compared to hand tools, people now have more leisure time. Power tools can also help us to save money. For example if you take your car to a mechanic that uses only power tools, less time is spent working on the car giving you a lower labour cost.

Power tools have also been improved since they were first introduced by becoming cordless. Cordless power tools now give the user the freedom to go anywhere and everywhere. Users are no longer limited to working next to a power supply or have the hassle of dragging an extension cable with them when a task is situated away from a power source. The technology of today has produced power tool batteries that have a larger capacity and require less charging which gives the tools an even greater efficiency. Cordless tools now mean that the projects that were previously thought impossible can now be completed quickly and easily.

Heavy duty construction work should be carried out with brand name power tools. However for jobs around the home and small scale projects it is recommended that they be completed with non-brand power tools as they are much cheaper and are just as good as the branded tools. Our society relies on power tools with many of us using at least one kind of power tool everyday.